When I go out to meet the light, the shadow of my body follows me, but the shadow of my spirit precedes me and leads the way to an unknown place
- Kahlil Gibran

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Satisfying the lower chakras

Last weekend I was invited on another trip to the outdoors.  This one was a gem and incredibly it was only a half hour from downtown Kuala Lumpur - the capital of Malaysia.  I've read that trips to nature can bring balance to the lower chakras which relate more to our primitive animal nature.  Personally I didn't feel any tingling in the lower regions, (I'm actually grateful for that) I just had a blast scrambling up rocks, taking in the fresh breeze and expansive views of Kuala Lumpur.  From this vantage point it seemed as though this impressive city was growing right out of the jungle floor.  

Because of its geographical setup on the perimeter of the Klang Valley, the quartz ridge we hiked comprised a boundary between two worlds.  On the southern side was a world of sprawling urbanization conceived by human engineering and the northern side was lay dark green jungle in its simplicity and wilderness.  On this side there was a placid mist enshrouded lake.  There was a sort of gate where the ridge dipped low at one point, from here water from the lake was piped to the city and flocks of various species of birds would traverse back and forth.  

More can be read from this website:

This is a picture of the 'gate', where the ridge dips low.  It is hard to perceive because it was taken from the ridge itself.  It cannot be seen in this photo but to the right of the ridge begins the creep of urbanization.  

At the higher altitude, there were carpets of moss due to the constant humidity and frequent rain.  


I have brought some teachers of Ascension to Malaysia.  They just arrived here about a week ago.  There are two teachers, Brahmi and Kailasa, and two students in their group and they've just found a house to rent so it looks like they're staying awhile.  I've seen Ascension make a difference in my life, it has healed past wounds and afforded me the means to break free of the habitual downward pull of my mind.   I want to share this technique with my friends and relatives because I know it works and it works easily.  

It's been disheartening trying to share the Ascension technique with my friends and acquaintances.  Most commonly I've encountered two groups of resistance:
  • people who are addicted to their suffering 
  • people who have an unrelenting need to be right
I've found that there are people who bemoan the fact that their lives are unhappy yet they refuse to let go of that suffering, they are addicted to it, it is so familiar to them and part of their identity.  Letting go of old thought patterns, even the ones that bring suffering is scary as heck because you have to trust that there is enrichment in that vast unknown when we cast our bucket to draw from the mysterious well of life.   But the mind intervenes in order to preserve it's mastery over ourselves.  

I also learned about people that have a strong stubborn need to be right about their view of life.  I was disheartened to encounter harsh opposition from someone that I thought would be amenable to Ascension because of his own forays into metaphysics.  This person had just spend a year in the US acquiring a PhD in metaphysics but he was quick to judge Ascension as a money making scheme without bothering to venture into the experience.  Ironically, today I received a spam email from him asking to signup under him for a pyramid selling scheme.  This experience highlights the stark distinction between knowledge and wisdom, one cannot experience God from the mind.  We cannot come closer by adding to our intellect, often it only hardens and distances us from each other.   

With Ascension I've changed.  And that should not be surprising, if you wish to change the results on your life then change from the inside you must.  I've become more rebellious because I rely less on automated responses and more on my own  choosing.  With these changes, it sometimes feels as though I've become dislodged from my place in society, like I'm now swimming upstream against a current.  I won't deny that at times I've felt completely bewildered and singular in my state of being as I imagine myself straddling two realities - one reality involving the common set of limiting beliefs society upholds and the other referenced from that Bright place in my heart whispering to me of my entitlement to many hidden joyful wonders.  

Monday, September 8, 2008

Looking beyond

The other day I tried to see the energy field around us known as our aura.  I have read that this is part of our mind, our minds extend beyond our bodies.  Two of my friends that can perceive auras have tried to help me see them though unsuccessfully.  But I have discovered a heightened tactile sensitivity to energies since I learned Reiki.  The other day after I performed Reiki on her, my friend and I experimented with this field of energy.  I found when she closed the distance between my skin and her hand that I was actually able to sense from a good foot away a tingling sensation on the area beneath her hand.  Tantalizing extrasensory experiences such as these impel me to continue along my personal journey of inquiry into the meta-physical realm.