When I go out to meet the light, the shadow of my body follows me, but the shadow of my spirit precedes me and leads the way to an unknown place
- Kahlil Gibran

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Beginnings

It is morning and I am sitting at the cafe downstairs from the apartment that I have been living at for the past 2 years. Tonight I leave for Australia, the flight arrives at 8am in Sydney and I actually start my first working day on that same day. This is because my new boss will not be in all of next week and he wants to introduce me to the team. I'll have 3 days off in succession thereafter since Monday is a holiday with it being Anzac Day.

In an hour the movers will be here to pack my things, I'll have it stored locally for about a month prior to shipment in order to time the arrival 2 months from now. This will allow the items to be delivered to my new apartment instead of the temporary serviced apartment provided by the company.

Yesterday as I was organizing my items for shipment, my mother made an interesting comment. She said, "You'll be arriving in Australia to begin your new life on April 23rd. Do you know that it was precisely on that date 20 years ago that we landed in Canada as immigrants?."

Historically April tends to be a conspicuous month for relocation. Last year in April, I was in New Zealand with the intention of starting a new life there but it didn't quite work out - I simply decided it was not the right place for me irregardless of the gorgeous landscape. The year before last, I moved out of California in April too. And if memory serves me correctly, I arrived in California 5 years before that in April too. It is fascinating.

Is this a general phenomenon? Do statistics show that people tend to relocate across borders when the first flowers bloom after a long winter?

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aeishaa said...

lovely flow to your writing, lovely insights, I hope you find what you're looking for Aaron.